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Throughout his entire career, Jon Thelen has never had a trolling motor on a boat that was not a Minn Kota! Minn Kota builds the toughest, most innovative trolling motors. The fastest, quietest, deepest reaching shallow water anchors and the most advanced battery chargers ever made. Jon runs the Terrova series trolling motor on his Alumacraft Competitor 175 SC and the self-deploying, Ulterra series on his 195 Alumacraft T-Pro. No matter what choice you make, Minn Kota offers the most features through its One Boat Network including “Follow the Contour” and the most precise “Spot Lock” system available. On the back of Jon’s boat’s, you will find a 12 foot Talon on the smaller rig and a 15 footer on the big boat. Both are rigged with Minn Kota Precision Chargers, one 3 bank and the other a 4 bank. Minn Kota builds everything Jon needs to catch more fish day in and day out. Minn Kota products are an easy choice for Jon Thelen’s Destination-Fish!

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