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Amped Outdoors is our choice at Jon Thelen's Destination-Fish Television for our Lithium Battery Power. Whether powering our Humminbird Helix Ice Units, Mega Live or giving us the added power we need for lighting and cameras, Amped Outdoors keeps us charged and running on the ice! Today's ice units draw more power than ever and Amped Outdoors offers lithium batteries designed specifically for your ice units and your power needs, no matter what brand of electronics you choose. When the ice melts and the boat slides off the trailer, Amped Outdoors powers everything in our boats with trolling motor batteries as well as dedicated electronics lithium power. Amped Outdoors offers the highest quality lithium batteries using only top tier, "A" grade components and they back it all up with a "no gimmicks" warranty! Visit the Amped Outdoors website to see the full lineup of batteries, chargers and accessories as well as a complete lineup of videos designed to help you make the right battery choice. A full lineup of educational videos can be found at as well to help you wire your boat, kayak or ice fishing systems.

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